Jacksons Lube - He messed up my rims and cost me lots of money

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my name is dawn and i went to Jackson's shop in Hoopa to get my 2005 Nissan titan studs repaired not only once but twice the first time he fixed it and in the same month the studs broke on a different tire so i took it back to Jackson's shop and this time i asked to have him check all the tires because my family and i were driving down the road when the tire about fell off and i also asked him to change my oil.which he never and still charged me for it.he stated the second time that my rims might be to big for my truck.and he also tried to tell me i only paid 91 dollars when i paid 130 and my recite said i paid for an oil change and stud repairs when all he did was the studs which i think he did wrong

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